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Hurry Up Already

CyndiA | Jun 28, 2012 10:56 PM

We hit dinner at 5 pm which you all know is early. So, our server had two tables - period.

She looked pained to be working and asked for our orders when she brought drinks in under 5 minutes. I said we needed a bit more time to look at menu - thanks. We are looking at our menus reading clearly, and she comes back in about 2 minutes to see if we will order. I thank her and say we need a little more time. Yes. Two more minutes and back. So, we just "what the heck" ordered.

Meals came and were OK but close to cold. OK. It's 5 pm and not prime time. Food is fine but not great. Not a server problem.

Server checks ONCE on drinks at mid meal. Fine then . . . but could have used refills later. Oh well. Whatever. Can get drinks at home.

"Have a nice day," says server when plunking check on table with empty glasses (phrase sounds fine - tone was hurry up). Probably should have said something about needing drinks then but kind of caught off guard (and she was gone really just that fast). Son wanted dessert and there was our check. Plus, she walked off so fast . . . no time to ask for dessert.

OK. That was it. Pushed to order. Food kind of cold but not asked. One chance for refills. Check and no chance to order dessert. It really was that fast and server gone and with only the two tables.

I did a 10% tip, so she did not have to eat any cost. But, I'd do around 30% for decent service even with food not as warm as it should have been. If the server had been swamped or needed to turn tables, I could have related. This was not the case (two tables and slacking the other one too). She was like a robot checking the boxes and not at the right time or with any consideration. Didn't even ask about dessert.

I sure wish we had the server at the next table. She managed to smile when saing hello and did real checks to see if everything was fine or if anything else was needed/wanted. She didn't waste time or anything, but she did relate to her table.

Maybe someone died in the family of our server's family. I wish she had taken a leave day if so. She really did not deserve more than $1 tip tops, but we hit the low point of 10% in case she might have to make up a difference if lower.

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