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Hot Fudge - help please!!


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Hot Fudge - help please!!

GK in SO | Jan 10, 2007 04:20 AM

I'm looking for a high-quality ice cream topping. Most bottled hot fudge is crummy, made from hydrogenated oils and cocoa processed with alkili or something like that being the fifth ingredient on the list. They all have that artificial chocolate taste, too.

Does anyone know of a more "natural" hot fudge, made from real chocolate perhaps, or am I dreaming? Should I just melt some chocolate chips and pour it over the ice cream?

I used to frequent a Mom and Pop ice cream store as a kid that had the best hot fudge that actually (guess what?)....tasted like chocolate!!

Can any hounds share their tips for finding some in the grocery stores (even Whole Paycheck), or homemade stuff?



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