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Horseradish question

queenscook | Apr 10, 201210:28 PM

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about the following. I was at a seder where my hosts had bought the horseradish to be used as maror at Brach's in the Five Towns. We could not believe how strong it was, as well as how moist. I had used a food processor on the horseradish root I bought. I used the grating blade on half, and the pureeing blade on the other half. I did this just a hour or so before the first night seder, and by the time we got to maror (at about 11 PM), there was almost no bite left to it whatsoever, and it was never moist at all. Then, a full 24 hours later, at the second night seder, we had the purchased horseradish, which was both strong and moist. Now, it is my understanding that nothing can be added to the horseradish used as maror. If that is the case, what are they doing to the stuff they are selling, that makes it so strong? (By the way, when I say it was bought at Brach's, I mean it was in a plastic container from the store itself, so I assume it was sold at some kind of counter in the store, and not that it was a commercial product.)

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