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Horrible experience at Plan B


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Horrible experience at Plan B

FoodWine | Aug 9, 2009 10:14 AM

Let's try this again:

Being in a desperate need for more lunch place choices (and not wanting to go to the same one place all the time), we wandered in to Plan B on Vanderbilt Avenue a few days ago. We know it is a sports bar, so we absolutely did not expect to get more than bar food, i.e. lowered our expectations, but decided to try it anyway.

(We had actually wanted to check out the new Milk Bar in the old Garden Cafe space, but they seem to be behind schedule and were not open yet. They told us that they would open on Monday.)

So, the menu at Plan B actually looked ok. I ordered "spicy Thai chicken lettuce wraps" and my husband ordered the "Grilled vegetable sandwich". We also ordered "guacamole with nachos".

First, we waited for the food for a torturously long time. The only other people in the restaurant were two ladies at the table next to us, and one guy drinking beer at the bar. We were ready to walk out when our "food" arrived:

The "spicy Thai" "chicken" consisted of overly fried, off tasting "crumbs" of something that had maybe once been chicken - and those crumbs were drowned in some gooey, off tasting grill sauce that was disgusting already in itself. I tasted one of the chicken crumbs, with the gooey sauce. It was so disgusting that I wanted to spit it out. The (Iceberg) lettuce that I was supposed to wrap those drowned over-fried chicken crumbs in, was clearly not fresh. Iceberg lettuce is crisp when it is fresh: this bent like rubber.

My husband did not fare any better. I could SEE that his grilled veggie sandwich was awful. It was worse than awful: it was inedible. Even the plain baguette tasted off.

Neither one of us was able to take more than one small bite each. After those bites, we looked at each other in disgust and disbelief.

The Guacamole? Awful. And the chips were stale and tasteless.

We got up, left the almost untouched food and walked over to the bar.
My husband took pity on the poor little girl who was working there, so he paid anyway - and left her a 20% tip. He was afraid that the girl (who was very sweet) would wind up paying for our "food" if we did not. We told her why we could not eat the food. She was very apologetic. She took notes so that she could let the manager know. It seemed that she got it that we were pretty "horrified".
We are not looking to get our money back: if the owner wants to give it back, he can donate it to a food pantry. And if he cares, he will start to impose quality control.

Later, when we, still in shock and disgusted, talked about this unfortunate experience, my husband remarked that in 40 years of his rather broad restaurant experience, this was the first time in his life that both he and his dining companion walked out leaving over 95% of the food mass on the table.

This was not merely a case of "not liking the food". If we do not "like" the food but the ingredients are ok, we mostly do not even comment about it to the waiter or anyone. Taste is taste. Sometimes, if a waiter asks if everything is to our liking - if I don't "like" the food, I might say something like: "I am not crazy about this, but it is my own fault, I ordered the wrong thing... " If a waiter then offers to bring something instead, I sometimes just thank them politely but decline the offer. If I am starving, I say a heartfelt "thank you" and accept.

SOMEONE, PLEASE open a cafe type place in Park Slope / Prospect Heights, serving/selling FRESH salads and good, healthy sandwiches (on whole grain, not on white bread) that all have some/enough greens and veggies in them (in addition to whatever protein is in them) are being served!!! I promise to be a good customer.

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