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Honeymoon in Italy (Genoa, Cinque Terre, Bologna, Modena, Parma, Venice, Tuscany, and Florence)

FoodDude2 | Jul 16, 201412:36 PM     36

Hi all,

My wife and I will be celebrating our honeymoon in Italy (and 5 days in Barcelona) in October. I've researched the board pretty heavily and have gone through Plotkin's book as well as Osterie d' Italia (2014). I am wondering what everyone thinks of our itinerary and if there are any suggestions or alternatives recommended.

Before the itinerary, let me just explain that my wife and I are both "foodies" who love a great meal. A great meal can be super cheap or quite expensive but the food should be memorable. We eat pretty much everything but my wife loves shellfish and she is not a big fan of offal. I've never met a pasta or stinky cheese I didn't like and love shellfish, red meat, and wild game equally. Neither of us are wine aficionados but we will have a glass or two at dinner.

So first we will be staying in Rapallo for 3 nights and spending 1 day in Genoa and 1 day in Cinque Terre,

In Genoa, I was thinking of going to Trattoria da Maria for Lunch and Trattoria Vegia Zena for dinner. Any thoughts on either of these places? I think they are both from Plotkin's book.

For CInque Terre, I haven't really found any place that seems like a must try spot. We will probably hit up Il Pirata for breakfast. Suggestions for lunch/dinner would be appreciated either somewhere in CT or in or near Rapallo.

From Rapallo, we will be renting a car and driving to Bologna. Now here is where I may be trying to squeeze too much in. On the way down to Bologna, we are planning to stop at Al Cavalino Bianco for lunch. Then drive to our hotel right outside Bologna. For dinner, I was hoping to head back to Da Ivan. Will that be too much driving? Should I instead go to Da Ivan for lunch and skip Al Cavalino Bianco? How is the drive to and from Da Ivan? I know we could stay at Da Ivan but our hotels are all booked and paid for.

The next day we plan to head to Venice. I am thinking cichette for lunch but am open to any suggestions. For dinner I am leaning towards Antiche Carampane but am still considering Al Covo or Bordero. Is Al Covo worth the extra $$? The menus look pretty similar.

The next day we will head to Modena. Now here is another place I am torn. For lunch I am between Trattoria Ermes or Hosteria Guisti. Guisti seems quite expensive, which is why I have not locked it in yet. How do the two compare? For dinner, I am pretty set on Osteria di Rubbiara. Am I packing in too much food here? Is it reasonable to eat at Ermes/Guisti + Osteria di Rubbiara in one day? Also, any suggestions on organizing a balsamico tour through Osteria di Rubbiara?

So my wife was born in Vincenza so we are planning to go to Verona and Vincenza the next day. I really have nowhere special picked out for either of these towns. In fact, I was hoping to get back to Bologna on the earlier side and was thinking of going to Ponte Rosso in Monteveglio as per David Rosengarten's article in Forbes. Has anyone eaten here? Alternatives could be either Da Fabio in Bologna or even Da Ivan. I'd also be open to eating somewhere in Verona/Vincenza for dinner if there is somewhere special worth going to. A lunch recommendation would also be appreciated.

The next day is a full day exploring Bologna. It will be a Sunday if that matters. I have some ideas for lunch (All'Osteria Bottega, Da Maro, or Osteria al 15). Are these reasonable lunch spots or are they more of dinner places? For dinner, I was thinking Amerigo dal 1934 in Savigno. Again, is this too much food for one day? We could also go to Da Ivan, if we haven't made it there yet.

The next four days will be spent at an Inn in Lecchi in Tuscany. One night we plan on eating at the Inn and one night at Ristorante Malborghetto. I know my wife wants to go to San Gimignano for a day trip. Anywhere in or near there worth hitting up for lunch? Is it worth driving to Antica Macelleria Cecchini for dinner or is it more hype than anything else? How about Piccola Trattoria Guastini in Montepulciano?

Finally, we will be in Florence for 3 nights. We will definitely hit up Sostanza for dinner. I also have Da il Latini, Il Santo Bevitore, Tranvai, and Enotria on my list but I haven't locked any place in besides Sostanza. I am sure we will eat a meal at Mercato Central. Anywhere else I should be looking at for either lunch or dinner?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. I hope I am not squeezing too much food in. In between all of these meals, we will be seeing the sights and doing the usual touristy things. Any suggestions on a cooking class? I was thinking of doing it in Bologna but I may not want to give up a meal there LOL.

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