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HIKO SUSHI | Great sushi, Heartbreaking Experience [moved from LA board]


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HIKO SUSHI | Great sushi, Heartbreaking Experience [moved from LA board]

thehungryman | Jun 21, 2007 10:47 PM

I am a Chowhound fanatic. I love reading this board - namely because every single recommendation I've taken from this board has always turned out to be a positive experience. I love the whole concept of this board, enough to even buy a nice camera to help document my eating adventures in Los Angeles.

I experienced the *worst* dining experience ever at any dining establishment tonight. I am sorry to say I will never goto Hiko Sushi again. Having grown up in different places in the world, I've never put a premium on service when eating at a restaurant. Great service is always a positive in my book, but if I've had lackadaisical service, so be it. I'm originally from Hong Kong - I've had great food with the worst service ever but I'm still fine with it. It's when the OWNER/CHEF - insults your intelligence - that's when it got to me.

Let me tell you the story...

I wanted to take my friend who supposedly HATED sushi to an establishment I really liked. Now, I only discovered Hiko out of luck - previously I had always gone to Sasabune or Nozawa to get my warm rice sushi fix. I stumbled upon Hiko through blind sushi luck.

I was determined to "convert" my friend to like sushi, or at least appreciate it. What better place than to take them to Hiko, which decidedly became one of my top spots for sushi.

Granted, I loved eating and I decided to capture my experience with photos - I wanted to post up photos of delicious food and spread the word. The experience was MINDBLOWING. I love eating at Hiko. Fresh fish & warm rice with a cold glass of beer. Simply heaven, right?

I took photos of every piece of sushi I ate - up until the last plate, the waitress said "Sorry, no photos". At that point, I was slightly confused but obliged - if there were no photos allowed then I should have been warned way in advance. For God's sake, there were at least ten "No Cell Phones" signs posted in the restaurant, they should post "No Cameras". I walked in the restaurant with a big ol' DSLR. Anyhow, that's besides the point. After that moment, we decided to leave since they were closing up.

Upon paying the bill, which was close to $170-180 for two people, we walked out of the restaurant. Then...

Chef Nazi asks: "What are you taking the photos for?"

I replied: "I like to take photos of food, and I like sharing the pictures with my friends."

Nazi: "If you had common sense, you would have asked for permission first."

I paused for second and didn't believe what I was being told. Dumbfounded..

I replied: "I'm sorry, I should have asked."

Nazi repeated his words sternly: "You should have asked for permission if you had common sense. But that was ONLY if you had common sense."

I walked away insulted, embarrassed, and everything that I had enjoyed - developed a very unpleasant taste in my mouth. Sad to say, I won't go to Hiko Sushi ever again. Quite unfortunate, as I thought I had such a great meal...

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