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High heat and Tin plated copper pot / pans?

thesilentwind | Jun 24, 2015 06:59 AM

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a couple of nice tin-lined copper pots and pans (all new). I tried boiling milk with some herbs in one of the small pots on a high flame, but I noticed later that the tin bubbled a bit. So I had a few questions:

1) Obviously, a strong flame may not be the best option for tin plated copper. But does that mean the temperature of the food can never get very hot? Since I'm assuming that with a low or medium flame the heat will not be so high.

2) Can you boil water or milk quickly in a copper pot? Or do you need to wait because of the low flame?

3) Unfortunately one of the pots got slightly damaged from the shipping, so that a little bit of copper is showing through the lining. It was not damaged in one location, but rather the friction created a couple of tiny points and streaks through which the copper is showing.


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