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Is high heat really bad for All Clads?


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Is high heat really bad for All Clads?

Can | Feb 28, 2002 12:13 PM

If there has been discussion on this topic, forgive me. I did a quick search and found nothing related, but I may have framed the search parameters badly. So if there has been a thread, please direct me to it!

We have a set of All Clad LTDs and frankly, I'm too intimidated to use them. I still use my husband's "bachelor pots and pans" where I can heat up a can of soup, fry an egg, or boil water in less than 10 minutes. That's at least how long it takes for an All Clad to heat up in medium high heat. After reading the instructions on the ACs it says not to use more than medium high heat on those pans, I really don't want to risk any damage on them. I once overheard a salesperson at Williams Sonoma tell a customer that high heat can cause "rainbowing" but I'm not sure if that is considered damage that would render the pot unusable. I used an AC to do some stir frying and got this rainbowing effect, but it came off after I used some Barkeeper's Friend. Did I kill the pot?

I've seen my sister-in-law use high heat on her ACs (to my horror), and my brother has admitted to doing that to his ACs as well. He is the guy who babies his pans to death, if he had to rescue his most prized possessions from a fire, he'd go for his ACs first.

So after wading through all that, can anyone tell me if I can cause permanent damage by using high heat on All Clads?


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