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Should I get Henkels Miyabi 600s or Miyabi 600d (fusion) knife?


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Should I get Henkels Miyabi 600s or Miyabi 600d (fusion) knife?

shinydonut | Jun 19, 2013 01:35 AM

I went to Sur La Table recently to try out some knives. Although I originally thought I was going to get something like a Wusthof Classic 8" knife, I found I liked the Miyabi 600d 8" chef knife because it was lightweight and its handle was very comfortable.

I couldn't really find a link to the either Miyabi knives at Sur La Table. But here are the links at Bed Bath and Beyond:


600d (Fusion Line)


1) What's the difference between Miyabi 600s and 600d?
I found a link that discusses this but I still have some lingering questions.

2) Are the handles the same shape or are they just similar?

3) I read the Miyabi 600s has a hardness of 56 while the 600d has a hardness of 60 and its made of VG-10 demascus? Is this increased hardness worth paying for? Can I cut hard things like carrots with either of them?

Although I know a cleaver would be the ideal tool for breaking down a chicken, could I use the miyabi chef knife to break down a chicken. Will it chip if I try to do so (not by cutting through bone, but like cutting through cartilage for instance)?

4) Since the 600s has softer steel, I read that it should be maintained with honing on a rod while the 600d has to be either professionally sharpened or sharpened occasionally on a whetstone? Which system would be easier to maintain?

5) Do either/both resist stains, corrosion, or rust well? Are they reactive to acidic foods like lemons?

Thanks for your help.

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