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Hate ‘Last post by’, please change


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Hate ‘Last post by’, please change

theotherhalfofdh | Sep 20, 2006 07:57 PM

Is it possible to have the OP and last poster on the listings? If not, we’d rather see the OP.

This doesn’t correct the problem that people have complained about, visibility to who is participating in a topic.

I’m interested in participants, but I’m more interested in who spent money visiting a restaurant and took effort to write the post. It is unfair to see a topic with a handle of some no-thought reply like “What’s the address?”

I don’t read Chowhound everyday. Without opening a post I have no idea who wrote the post. For example, we like the posts by LStaff who is very knowledgeable about beer. A beer topic that doesn’t otherwise interest us, we would read if we saw the OP was by that poster.

It brings up another problem which is why I am posting. My husband was about to post about our vacation last night until he saw the change. For years, there is a Chowhound poster who always has a comment on Ron's posts. He is argumentative and always has to have the last word.

Ron said he was damned if he was going to spend time posting only to see all of his topics with only that poster's name on it. It is also his exaggerated opinion that every single post on Chowhound is going to have this poster's name on it.

For me, the last poster doesn’t give me the information I am interested in. No one wanted to see Chowhound feature posters like other forums, but there are certain names that will cause us to open a post we might not otherwise read because we like their comments.

The new feature doesn’t give that visibility. It is the luck of timing about who the last post is by. We still have to open posts.

Is anything being done to make tracking a more useful option?

The work of everyone at Chowhound is appreciated. We just don’t like this one change.

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