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New hand pulled noodle shop in ctown (pics included)...maybe better than Super Taste?

Lau | Mar 30, 200807:27 PM     41

So I tried this hand pulled noodle place at 144 East Broadway, it doesn't have an english name and it's called Fu Zhou something in chinese (forgot the rest). It's kind of an interesting area b/c it's further east past all the bustle of the main part of east broadway and there are a bunch of restaurants around there (wonder if any are good?)...there was a fujian seafood place called zheng family something that looked interesting

Anyhow, its a small place with a few tables, it's decor is white rundown walls and nothing else really, there is a small TV playing a chinese variety show on it and there is a metal table where they pull the noodles and a small kitchen where they cook everything and everyone is chinese...just the type of place that makes good food in chinatown.

So, I ordered the following:
- beef noodle soup (niu rou mian) - really excellent...the noodles were of the same quality as Super Taste and they were cooked perfectly (al dente) although they were pulled thinner and I liked the noodles at Super Taste a bit more b/c they are pulled thicker, the soup broth was better than Super Taste (although they don't have the spicy broth) it was slightly richer and just had a better beef flavor to it, the vegetables they use were definitely better and the beef was flavored better although it wasn't high quality beef by any means (all the places use tendon type meat)...all around very good
- boiled dumplings (shui jiao) - very good although the boiled dumplings at Super Taste are better mainly b/c i thought the skins were a little too thick and the filling wasn't quite as even

Overall, this place is excellent and I go to Super Taste weekly, but this place was better (at least on this trip), I need to go a couple more times to see how consistent it is, but I was very pleasantly surprised by this place and it could be my new "go to" noodle shop. Also, I do like that they pull your noodles as soon as you order them

Fyi, they are very english challenged, but they translated maybe 4 or 5 of the main things into english, so you should be able to get by through pointing if you can't speak any chinese

There are also two pics of the beef noodle soup and the boiled dumplings

Here's the yelp:

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