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Hancock lobster pot pies - thanks rumdrinks! (long)


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Hancock lobster pot pies - thanks rumdrinks! (long)

AimeeP | Mar 12, 2005 02:42 PM

On the recommendation of ‘rumdrinks’ in the mail order food thread a while back I decided to try the Hancock Lobster Pot Pies. I ordered 4 which worked out well because by the time they were delivered my friend had received a promotion and won employee of the month(and she has a 7 month old so taking her out to eat is seldom an option right now) Anyway they came frozen packaged in Styrofoam and a protective box – 4 medium sized ceramic ramekins and the pot pies covered in puff pastry with a little lobster cut out on the top.

We had them last night so we didn’t have a lot of time for side dishes after work and dealing with the 7 month old. I like to keep canned skinned small potatoes on hand for just such occasions, they seem to roast more quickly and evenly that fresh potatoes, so we tossed a bunch of these with some sea salt, EVOO, ground pepper and herbs and roasted them. We also made a salad with lettuce, sautéed asparagus, roasted red peppers and tomatoes with a homemade blue cheese dressing.

Back to the pies: The instructions indicate that they must be thawed completely which we did and they didn’t take long to cook (don’t remember exactly – aprox. 30 minutes)

Be warned the puff pastry tops ‘puff’ about 3.5 inches over the top of the ramekin when they are done – luckily we had enough room between the oven racks.

They looked really impressive and tasted even better. The lobster was perfectly moist in a creamy butter sherry sauce that we used, potatoes, fingers and bread to get every last drop. There were at least three claws (meat) in each pie along with other chunks of lobster. All in all a decadent and very good potpie.

At about $70 including shipping and handling plus a nice bottle of wine – a nice but not too expensive celebratory meal.

I would order these again as a gift for someone – but I think I try my hand at imitating and improving on these great little pies on my own. I’m thinking a little more lobster, a little less butter, cayenne, and maybe some minced shallots in the sauce.

We don’t get enough good quality fresh lobster around here for me ever have had enough leftover to freeze but it is good to know that it works out so well.

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