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Hamo (Japanese/Kyoto summer eel) at Tomi Sushi San Jose


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Hamo (Japanese/Kyoto summer eel) at Tomi Sushi San Jose

K K | Sep 27, 2006 11:18 PM

On the white board specials today at Tomi Sushi were hamo (marked Japanese summer eel from Kyoto) and sanma. I've never had hamo before and apparently it is a delicacy in Japan that is very boney.

This was served as nigiri on a big plate, very large piece of snow white eel flesh that strangely enough had a cuttlefish like surface from a Chinese dish I had a while ago, very chewy and toothsome, served cold with a small dash of what looked to be a dark miso paste (similar to the miso+cucumber appetizer found at most restaurants and izakayas). Given that this had no sauce over it like unagi and anago, it was a refreshing way to eat it (almost plain). For those who like the fishy taste, this hamo had it and very subtle eel flavor. Perhaps I should try the one at Kitsho or somewhere else if they offer it again next time, as I wasn't floored by it.

Sanma (pike mackeral) was soft and tender, almost as good as the piece at Sakae a few years ago. Must be in season now.

The real winner for me was the wagyu beef sushi, though I requested it in hosomaki form, cut into 4 pieces with green onion for that extra bite. I saw Chef Mike slice 6 thin pieces of beef for the maki, take the blow torch to sear it further, and he even went the extra mile and gave me a bowl of ponzu to dip in instead of my soy sauce plate, which enhanced the experience a million fold. Now if only I requested garlic, and if real Japanese Kobe beef were used, it would be like in that Japanese TV series Shota No Sushi from 95/96, I'd be eating the same thing Saji-san created. Maybe that's something for me to try in my dream trip to Urasawa LA should I ever make it down there (doubtful). Super comforting food, though I'd love to be able to try the winning receipe which is to use marinated chopped up clams instead of beef.

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