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New Guinness Bottles--odd?


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New Guinness Bottles--odd?

K. McB. | Mar 14, 2002 09:24 AM

Usually don't drink it at home, but last night I picked up one of the newfangled bottles for an at-home sicknik. (I do believe the advertising that "Guinness is good for you.") The slightly bigger, curvy bottles--not the small bottles which are now brewed in Canada; not the jumbo-sized Irish ones (40s?)which are brewed in Ireland. In addition to the plasic carbonation doohickey inside the new bottle, a few things struck me odd:

1) First off, the bottle is plastic-covered for that groovy 21st century screw-the-environment appeal. The kind they are selling milk in now, fercrisssake.
2) Bottle instructs you to drink it very cold
3) You are also instructed to drink it straight from the bottle
4) There are no 5 cents/10 cents deposit markings.

I guess I'll just drink it on draught from now on. Though I recently read that Guinness is releasing a "quick pour" draught. Oy.

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