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Guest insists on bringing a dish... rude??


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Guest insists on bringing a dish... rude??

SanJoseHound | Jun 13, 2007 07:19 PM

Here's the scenario: we invite a friend to our house, for a casual dinner to celebrate my birthday. We mention one of the main dishes will be baby back ribs. (You could actually substitute any dish here.) He says "My wife makes GREAT baby back ribs. We'll bring some." This is a statement from him, not a question. We politely tell him that this is not necessary, it is not a potluck, we already have the entire menu planned. He again insists on bringing the dish. We tell him again that we are already serving baby back ribs, which happen to be a specialty of my husband's. The guest then says, "Well, I'm going to bring my own." I was speechless. I didn't really know what to say, I've never encountered this situation before. While we are thankful for the kind sentiment of wanting to contribute something, or bring a hostess gift, I think INSISTING on bringing the EXACT same dish that the host has already told you will be served, is just plain rude. What do you think? And, how do we deflect this? (How many ways can you say no??) I certainly don't want him turning up at the dinner with his own set of baby back ribs...

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