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Where do you go grocery shop?


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Where do you go grocery shop?

weegeebee | Aug 25, 2009 10:44 AM

Replying to another question about Henry's got me thinking. Where do I grocery shop?

20-25% farmers market, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and other speciality stores (i.e. Schriners, Vallarta, 99 Ranch, Cavarettas, etc.) and online speciality items

15-20% Costco for meat and fish and some pantry items

10% Trader Joes. Mostly dairy, wine, cheese, frozen items, oils, canned items and bread. This used to be my biggest percentage, but prices have gone up big time and a lot of quality issues lately.

15-20% Super King. Great prices on produce and nuts and some hard to find ethnic items.

35% Henrys. Mostly because it's close, but a lot of times I get good, fresh buys here. I'm in there a few times a week and can usually get out with less than $25. Mostly chicken, sometimes fish and meat if it looks fresh, good prices on melons and herbs, and a few choice deli items.

5% Cost Plus and Bev Mo for wine, beer, and couple random buys.

1-2% Big chain super markets. I've pretty much stopped going. Only for certain brand name items or when totally desparate.

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