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Grocery list app for iPhone?

quirkydeb | Nov 9, 201109:57 AM

I'm looking for a grocery list app for my iPhone that will let me:

1) Make grocery lists for multiple stores and (hopefully) the ability to put a particular product on 2 stores' lists, but not all (e.g. Ezekial Bread at WF or TJ, but not Stop & Shop), so that when I cross it off of one list, it will cross off the other store's list.

2) Enter items from my computer, rather than type everything with my phone.

3) Give both my husband and I access to the list from our phones.

4) A bar scanner would be nice.

5) Aisles/categories are nice too.

I'm trying Grocery IQ, which seems to do everything but 1 (and bar scanning doesn't work for TJ products, but that makes sense for store brands).

I'm considering Grocery Gadgets, but can't tell if it does 1 either, and $4 is pretty pricey.

Anyone have any helpful experience? Thanks!

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