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Grill plates or grill pan? Which is better?


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Grill plates or grill pan? Which is better?

cookiekakie | Jan 7, 2013 02:32 AM

I have a Lodge round skillet, 6-in in size, in my kitchen already. I am now trying to buy something that would allow me to make panini sandwiches (primarily), but my focus has always been to buy things that are NOT a one trick pony. If I had the space, I'd buy indoor grill but my kitchen is already spilling over with all the stuff that I have, so I want to invest my money wisely in buying something that can play multiple roles.

What I am eyeing is a round grill pan, 10.4" diameter, whereby I can use the smaller pan to create weight on the panini layer and use the grill side to create grill marks. It will be a bit more work but I'm ok with it.

My dilemma is from the fact that there is a flat griddle available from Lodge as well. So either griddle + small skillet or large grill pan + small skillet can be used to press the sandwich. I wanted to check if folks here have suggestions on which way is better? My decision will be influenced by what other purposes each of these options can be used. Currently the only benefit I see for buying a griddle is that it might be easy to clean. But the grill pan will be used to make a whole bunch of things aside from the occasional panini.

I would appreciate suggestions or experiences.

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