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Best gordita in the Bay Area?


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Best gordita in the Bay Area?

rworange | Jul 8, 2006 02:13 PM

I had a delicious gordita at El Tapatio in Richmond.

I was asked "Was the gordita fried and puffy or griddled and flatter?"

Well, I don't know. I don't have a lot of gordita experience. In the past, any I tried didn't catch my attention. It was like, yeah ok, fine, once is enough.

I'd seriously buy that gordita at El Tapatio again ... however, it is near my house so that factors into my decision.

So, what are your gordita favorites? Can you tell me if they are fried or griddled?

What is more common ... fried or griddled? Is it a regional thing?

I'll try a few to get familiar with the different styles. This can be anywhere in the Bay. Even if I don't get to it immediately, I'll put it on my list when I'm in that nabe.

It would also be nice to know the best meat for the recommended gordita.

The El Taptio gordita looked a little like this ...

It did not look like these ...

El Tapatio

Wikipedia on Gorditas

I'm getting a psychic feeling about an upcoming General board post on this topic, but for right now I'd rather just hear about the different styles in the Bay Area that I can try for myself. If it gets too off topic, if someone else doesn't post, I'll start something over there.

Picture of gorditas being pan fried

Just said feria de la gordita, but I thought it was interesting

FYI, that picture above of a tiny gordita with a fork was from the Rancho Gordo site. That is the vendor who sells those wonderful beans on Saturday at the Ferry Plaza market. It is a picture from his trip to Patzcuardo with wonderful pictures and descriptions of the food. So here's some gratuitous photos ... warning ... don't be hungry when viewing these ... you'll try to eat your pc monitor.

More on the RG trip

Susaninsf, if you are reading this, is the picture of the Chilaquiles at Cafe Madrid in the above link the type of chilaquiles that you are looking for? While this is Mexico, if I see something similar in the Bay Area I'll report back.

In the last link Rancho Gordo says "I found two interesting beans in the markets. Both were fresh from the fields and I'll be growing out my leftover seed here in Napa after a make a nice pot of each for eating."

That made me chuckle. A true Chowhound. Make some dinner out of the beans first, then plant the rest. Funny, a third bean he found on that trip was called 'Tapatio' ... the name of the restuarant that started this query.

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