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Is there a good-tasting (non-peanut) nutrition bar?


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Is there a good-tasting (non-peanut) nutrition bar?

Sir Gawain | Apr 11, 2005 02:03 PM

For various reasons I won't go into, sometimes I find myself consuming a nutrition bar (you know... Cliff, Luna, Zone, PowerBar, whatever). (Believe me, I do prefer normal food.) Most of them are disgusting or tolerable at best.

Are there any bars out there that you actually like, which do NOT contain peanuts? I'm not allergic but really hate the peanut flavor in absolutely anything except plain peanuts & peanut butter, and Thai food.

So far, my favorite is the lemon & poppyseed bar from Cliff, followed by Lime Cheesecake from Luna and Chai Tea, also from Luna (nice cardamom). The Carrot Cake Cliff is OK, better than most but not great.

Are there any products out there that you would actually consider relatively tasty? I am looking for "complete nutrition" bars, not candy bars or cereal bars. The protein content should be significant.


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