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Has anyone ever had a good experience at IHOP?


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Has anyone ever had a good experience at IHOP?

Kajikit | Aug 9, 2007 10:48 AM

I'm wondering if they ALL suck, or just our local one... we went there once and had incredibly slow service and even worse food, (our waitress was the only one in the place and she was run off her feet and getting complaints all round, poor thing!) Her excuse was that they had a new person in the kitchen and it was their first day and they didn't know what they were doing... okay, I'll buy that. The waitress was very nice about it and our meal (what we'd managed to eat of it) was comped. We stayed away for a year and tried them again recently, and it was a carbon copy of the first time! We didn't have to pay for my breakfast, because it was thoroughly inedible, and I sent it back to the kitchen virtually untouched.

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