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good cappuccino maker?

Jen | Nov 8, 200506:52 PM


I'm looking to purchase an espresso/cappuccino maker as an anniversary gift. There are so many out there on the market, and thought you might have some good recommendations. Here are some general criteria that apply to us:

* A little lazy. Pods would probably be ideal, but we'd use fresh beans if there were a built in grinder or if it were easy to get well-ground coffee for espresso from a store. (Is this possible somewhere in New York?) We probably wouldn't purchase a separate burr grinder.

* Cappuccino comes first. My husband doesn't really drink espresso. Therefore, the milk frother is an important part of the equipment.

* Cheapish. We're looking to spend around $300 or under. Maybe $400 if the jump in quality is there.

Any of your suggestions and thoughts are welcome. Many thanks!

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