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Do you say so if it wasn't good

KaimukiMan | Jan 20, 200808:42 AM

I went to a "family" restaurant with friends last night. As I had a late lunch and we shared some appetizers, I decided to have a second appetizer rather than a main course. The place had recently updated their menu, and had crab cakes. I knew it was an iffy proposition, but it sounded good. I asked the waiter about them, he said he had never tried them, but people seemed to like them.

There was some crab, or at least crab flavoring in there someplace, but it was pretty much fried filler. I was not really upset, and I had half way expected it. I ate one of the cakes, and left the other sitting on my plate.

Yes, I know... our waiter should have stopped by the table at some point to make sure everything was OK, he should have noticed all by himself that I had not eaten it. To be fair, the place serves over large portions and it it not uncommon for people to leave food on their plate. I was not expecting anything to happen, they were not badly cooked, they didn't taste horrible... they just weren't very good.

Should I have spoken up, let them know that at least one diner was not impressed?

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