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What's good to get 2nd-hand? Or ... not?

Mawrter | Apr 19, 200809:15 AM

I've been having fun skimming my local Craig's list for cooking-related gear, but I haven't bought anything. Likewise, I'd like to get good at yardsales and thrift shops, but I hate to throw away money on broken crap.

What have you picked up second-hand that was a good move? What have you wondered about (that maybe someone else can speak to)? What have you bought that was a brilliant bargain - something you'll never buy new again? What's your rule of thumb for deciding what to buy and what to pass on?

My experience:

* bought La Machine food processor at a garage sale, same vintage as the hand-me-down I already have -- probably early 80s? They both run great, but I needed spare parts. I bought the second machine for less than the new replacement part.

* Bought a Maxim crepe maker in perfect condition. I may give it away because I'm not cool with the nonstick surface. But it was $5, so who cares?
like this http://www.tabletools.com/ttools/imag...

* Bought a very dated but little-used ice cream maker. It's not winning any style points, but I can make kickass homemade ice cream in it. For $5.
like this one: http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/p...

* Eyed rusty, nasty-looking cats irons skillets. Passed. They could be reconditioned, I'm sure, but they were too much money to be worth bothering.

Other items I'm thinking about: espresso machine, range, kitchen table.

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