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global knife details, tomatoes and water

bachlava | Jan 23, 200801:20 PM

I just purchased a global santoku recently and I'm really loving it. The knife dealer I spoke with said that because global knives are made with a higher percentage of carbon in the steel, that it makes it more prone to rust spots, than regular stainless steel, when left wet for too long and should always be dried immediately after washing. Fine. But, what is too long? If I rinse my knife after prep w/o drying and then go eat dinner and come back and take care of the knife during KP is that ok? He also said to make sure to rinse right after cutting things like tomatoes and lemons because of the acids. Any other foods I should be sure to rinse immediately after? And if I just rinse my knife off after prep work, or in the morning and then dry and let set till after the meal or for the day, is that fine? Or should it really be washed immediately?

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