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Give up or keep trying? Adjusting to black beans.

flashpacker | Oct 25, 201104:34 AM

I love black beans but my body doesn't seem to be able to handle them. I feel almost instantly sick when I eat them (I burp, I can hear lots of gurgling, and get discomfort). I don't have this problem with baked beans/chilli beans, but I don't eat a lot of other beans. I don't have IBS and I generally eat an avg amount of fibre (plenty of wholegrains). Just wondering if anyone who has had a similar reaction has found their body got used to them or whether the problem has persisted.
I've been trying just eating half a cup at a time on alternate days to try to get my system used to them but I'm not having any success and surprised by how quickly the reaction comes on and how I've never had these symptoms with any other food. I really love the flavor so would be a shame to nix them from my diet completely. Maybe I could try another type of bean that has the same type of taste rather than the sweeter type beans used in baked beans/chilli beans? Also wondering whether switching brands might help (I'm using organic canned).

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