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Girl Scouts goes Digital!

Chris VR | Dec 9, 201407:06 AM     18


My daughter is a Brownie and we found out this week that she'll have the option to sell cookies online, although our understanding (which isn't reflected in the article above) is that there's a required minimum of a case for digital orders, so it's less of a big deal than it sounds... not many people really want an entire case of cookies. Still, it's neat to see this program introduced. Selling cookies these days is part of an overall focus on teaching skills-- money management, sales, customer service and other business-oriented skills. Adding a component to allow girls to run an online business under the auspices of Girl Scouts seems a really smart progression of skill building, given the age in which these kids are growing up. You have to be personally invited by the scout to buy, so that should keep things in a safer place, privacy-wise. More info here http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_... Pretty neat!

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