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Ginger Altoids redux


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Ginger Altoids redux

Ruth Lafler | Dec 24, 2002 05:11 PM

I was in my local Trader Joe's (Alameda, CA), and the shelves were well-stocked with ginger Altoids. I mentioned to one of the crew members that I'd heard they were being discontinued. She insisted that was not that case, that she'd ordered them as recently as yesterday and her orders were being filled.

She also seemed surprised that they would be discontinued, since they were selling well (a couple of cases a week).

A theory: Trader Joe's often buys discontinued product lines -- maybe they were discontinued already, and the East Coast distribution network has already gone through its allotment. I don't remember anyone seeing them for sale anywhere else, so that makes sense. It's also possible that this was an experimental product for Altoids, and they decided for some reason not to continue it, and TJ's bought the entire test-market lot. Or perhaps the people were just incorrect in saying it had been discontinued, and it will be back in stock at some point.

BTW, galleygirl if you e-mail me I can probably arrange for some to be sent by private courier.

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