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Gin: my new hobby

fieryredhead | Apr 17, 200801:29 PM

At the age of 37 I've suddenly realized that I just love gin. I now find the Bees Knees is exactly that. Even a lukewarm gimlet makes me happier than a cold beer, and despite being happily monogamous I get the odd craving for a nice White Lady at a bar.

So I decided to start learning about other gin brands besides Bombay Sapphire and Beefeater, the two I'm most familiar with. First up, a bottle of Plymouth. Very tasty, herbal, and totally different from both BombSaph and Beefeater. But it was so mild! My martini olive positively kicked the Plymouth's ass and had it begging for mercy, and not in a good way.

This raises three questions for the more experienced gin drinkers:

1. is there an adjustment to the Plymouth martini that I should try (obv. I won't repeat the olive bombs)?

2. are there cocktails that play to Plymouth's strengths?

3. other than Bombay Sapphire (which one poster likened to "molten plastic" I think), is there a gin with strong alcohol notes that is good to drink? A take-no-prisoners gin that will smack you upside the head and leave scorch marks from your teeth to your duodenum, that is the kind of gin I'm talking about.

Looking forward to your tasting suggestions.

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