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German Brotchen in the US


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German Brotchen in the US

sixelagogo | Jul 13, 2006 03:10 AM

Four years after breaking up with my DeutchLiebe, I'm stil craving "kurbiskorn brotchen" or pumpkins seed rolls we used to get in Frankfurt. My love for them is so strong that I've contemplated the whole breakup with the Deutchmann.

To my question: Short of going to Frankfurt with my tail between my legs, does anybody know anywhere in the US that stocks Brotchen, particularily the pumpkin seed variety?? I'll pay crazy shipping costs; I just need to know where it is.

My second question: Why isn't Panera bread/whole foods/Cosi all over this "whole foods" movement and start stocking some uber German whole grain foods?

My last question: Does anyone have a recipe for it? I've tried making my own with one I found on "Grandma's recipes", some website and, while it was close, it still wasn't there. I'll trade cases of Gerolsteiner for a decent recipe.

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