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George Dickel Tennessee Whisky Revisited


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George Dickel Tennessee Whisky Revisited

StriperGuy | Mar 9, 2010 07:14 AM

So I have been working my way through tasting various Rye, Corn, etc. American whiskeys recently. Jim Beam, while simple is always a standby. I like Old Overholt quite a bit.

In general I like my American Whiskey on the leaner side. Real favorites are the products from Tuthilltown Distillery, but at $35 a 375ml quite pricey. You can find a full 750ml bottle of the unaged corn whiskey on the internet for about $30 and it is well worth it.

Been meaning to try Wild Turkey 101 Rye, but have not gotten around to it. Jim Beam Rye is just a little simple.

I find increasingly the sweeter beefier American whiskey's are just too much. I used to like Jim Beam Black quite a bit, now I find it just swamps my palette. Likewise for the Rittenhouse 100 Rye. Too sweet, too much wood, just too much.

In another thread someone mentioned George Dickel Tennessee whiskey a while back and I realized I had not tasted it for 10+ years. An old friend swore by it... I remember tasting it way back when and neither loving nor hating it.

Just bought a bottle last night, and I must say, it really hit the spot. Lean, not overblown, yet complex, and very smooth on the palette. Felt like I could just keep refilling my glass. A hint of sweetness, a hint of wood, a dash of vanilla, and then numerous other complex notes that I will have to re-taste to get a handle on.

And it's not crazy expensive. Think I paid $18 at Martignettis.

Might have a solid spot on my permanent rotation.

Curious to see how it stands up to a cocktail with some of my house-made bitters and the Carpano Antico Vermouth a friend just gave me.

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