Help with gardening questions

cstout | Mar 11, 201607:35 AM     4

Everyone has an opinion as to what works or does not work, but that is the interesting part of gardening. Since Chow people are a cut above the rest, let's hear what you have to say. Here are some questions that come to mind.

1. Sprouting seeds - do you soak seeds before planting? I know the hard large seeds need soaking, but how about the others? If soaking, do you add anything to the water like chamomile tea or whatever?

2. Compost tea - do you find this to be an elixir of the gardening Gods or is this even necessary if you have good soil to begin with?

3. Homemade potting soil - what is your recipe?

4. Seed starting mix - do you use this or just regular potting mix? Does anyone have a recipe for this?

5. Bag gardening - success or failure? What type of bag did you use?

6. Corn in containers - any luck?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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