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I made the best-ever frozen yogurt

nofunlatte | Jul 31, 200905:40 AM

And I may not be able to recreate it again :( I don't drink much milk, but I had some leftover whole milk from the tin roof ice cream I made for a dinner party, as well as a cup or so of leftover whipping cream. So, I made a yogurt base with the milk (I think about 2-2.5 cups), cream, 1/3 c instant non-fat dry milk, and some plain Stonyfield Farms lowfat yogurt. Put it into the yogurt maker (Salton 1-qt) and incubated it for a while (8 hours? I lost track of time, but I know it was longer than I normally do this). The result was a VERY thick yogurt (a little thicker than strained Greek yogurt) with just the right amount of tanginess, plus a thick "skin" on top (the cream, which had gotten quite solid). After chilling the yogurt, I ate the skin, which was quite good--creamy, buttery, zing-y. Then I used about 2 cups of it for the frozen yogurt. I followed David Liebovitz's recipe from The Perfect Scoop, only I made about 2/3 of the recipe and I used slightly less sugar. I also added the scraped seeds from one-half of a vanilla bean in addition to the vanilla extract. After cooling this mixture for an hour, I churned it all up in my ice cream maker. The result is heaven--a real frozen yogurt, perhaps the best I've ever made. It had the tanginess I seem to remember from Pinkberry's (note: I've only eaten Pinkberry once, last year, but I do remember it actually tasting like YOGURT). Sweet enough for a lovely dessert treat, but not overly so. I will have to try and recreate this. Sadly, it's not enough to simply subtract the amount of milk used in the recipe from a quart, as I used some for cereal a few mornings. Ah, well, I'll have to institute my own Nofunlatte's Test Kitchen in my abode!

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