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Anyone have Frontera Grill's sangrita recipe?


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Anyone have Frontera Grill's sangrita recipe?

Kelly | Jan 7, 2003 01:11 AM

A few months ago, the good folks at chowhound came through in a pinch and provided me with Frontera Grill's chilaquiles recipe - dee-licious.

Now, having come home from the post-holiday sales here in Belgium with a dozen little glasses that are perfectly shaped for sangrita ... well, you can see where I'm heading with this! I know that the recipe is in one of Rick Bayless' cookbooks because I remember seeing it at the entry of the restaurant, but for the life of me I can't remember what goes into it other than citrus juice and pepper sauce. I think it's different from other recipes in that it has little if any tomato juice.

Could any mexi-hounds come to the rescue one more time? Don't mean to sponge, but I hardly ever cook mexican (much as I love it) -- the ingredients are too hard to find in Europe, which is why I've never bought Bayless' books myself.

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