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Fresh fish market in Portland?


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Fresh fish market in Portland?

aliris | Aug 16, 2011 09:29 AM

Hi yall -- where do you buy fresh, local (unprepared) fish in Portland? Is there a good local "fishmonger", or whatever, who sells fisherman's wares? Everyone always tells me "Hannaford", but they mostly only have stuff frozen in Norway, or whatever ... so I'm wondering if there's a local market people actually can get good off-the-boat fish?

Actually, it doesn't have to be from Portland, just something mid-coast even. I know of Simpson's up the road near the Hannaford outside of Wiscasset. I haven't actually been enormously impressed with them lately either. I'm looking for something that's actually quite active with boats coming and going, but selling something other than the ubiquitous lobster - haddock or cod or hake or, geesh, stripers smelt? or whatever happens to be hopping at the moment. I only mentioned Portland because, being a large coastal town, I would guess it would have the largest chance of finding the most active dock-side place, but if there's another I'd love to hear of it too.

p.s. puuulllleeeeze don't tell me "Whole Foods" as I was recently pointed to. I guess if that's really where it's at I'd be curious to hear that, but it's *really* not what I'm hoping to learn about!! Mostly, because even so, I don't think I could possibly go there.

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