Getting into French White


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Getting into French White

cleopatra999 | Jan 3, 2009 03:49 PM

I am a red wine drinker who occasionally likes white when in the mood or with the right food.

I would like to explore old world white. My white experience has been mainly new world.

I enjoy what I think of as 2 different styles of whites:

Fruit forward (but not overly fruity, to me this was exampled by the Cline Viognier, I have liked this varietal in other preparations, but hated the Cline b/c it was far too fruity), crisp, not too acidic (well balanced), I have liked NZ Sauv Blancs that have fit this description.

Heavier, unoaked, higher malactic acid fermentation (is that the correct term for buttery?). I taste many chardonnays in hopes of finding this, and have found some. However not many were overly memorable. I am not sure if I like minerality or not.

i have noticed French Chablis and other French whites spoken of here. Can you recommend where to start for a beginner?

Price range would be under $30 Canadian. I am in Alberta, our selection is pretty good, I have some great wine stores to help me out as well, but I thought that I would see what comes up from here....

Other whites I have enjoyed:
roussanne/marsanne blend
gruner veltliner (but only in the summer)

thanks as always for the help!

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