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freelance baking for small resto/cafes?


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freelance baking for small resto/cafes?

Gooseberry | Mar 22, 2006 10:21 PM

I ate a mediocre piece of cake in a tiny, charming little cafe/restaurant. The waitress said the cake was made off the premises (not surprising; the kitchen's tiny!), and that got me to wondering: what if I spoke to the manager, told him the cake just wasn't tasty, and told him I could do better? Could I bake cakes at home and sell them to a small cafe, assuming that I brought in a sample, and the owner/manager liked it?

I was wondering if anyone had done freelance baking for a really small place like this, where the turnover isn't massive. How much profit should someone charge, over the costs of ingredients? Do people typically sign contracts, or place long-term orders (eg. one cheesecake a day, for the next two months)? Does this vary a lot on a case by case basis?

What are the legal implications? Would I have to give the restaurant my social security number and pay taxes on whatever I made? Would I have to have some kind of hygiene certificate/approval for this to be ok? I'm thinking specifically of California.

I'm trying to figure out how feasible something like this is before I actually act on it.I'm busy considering whether I am willing to make this commitment, and knowing the above would really help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you very much...


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