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Fortune Cookies!

jessinEC | Mar 7, 2012 10:24 PM

I made fortune cookies for the first time today. It was a lot of fun! I used Martha Stewart's recipe (http://www.marthastewart.com/262421/f...). I made 3 changes to the recipe -- I used 2 T of 1% milk plus 1 T melted butter for 3 T of cream (since I had no cream on hand). I also made mine about 3 1/2" in diameter, instead of 5". And I used regular sugar instead of superfine sugar.

Since there wasn't much response to my call for help on Chowhound, I thought I'd share my experience here:

--The 1 c of sugar was a bit too much -- I'd reduce to 3/4 c.
--I lined my baking pans with parchment paper, traced circles on it and then buttered the circles (only once). I had no trouble with sticking.
--It's really important to spread the batter paper thin. I made the first few a bit too thick -- they didn't end up as crispy. For a 3 1/2" circle, I used about 1 tsp of batter. I spread it with the back of an offset butter knife.
-- It's best to work as a team. My 7 year old son and I folded together, so we could bake 6 at a time and fold them before they hardened. When I did a few batches on my own, I could do 4 successfully.
--When I took them out of the oven (after about 7-9 minutes -- you need to watch them!), I used a spatula to flip the cookie onto a wooden cutting board, then placed the fortune and then folded. Then, I placed the folded cookie on its side in a muffin tin. It wouldn't squash NOR open -- that was key. Also, by using the cutting board, I didn't handle the hot cookies too much. (Reviewers on some sites talked about wearing gloves to protect their hands -- seemed clumsy to me, so I was glad not to need to.)
--To fold them, first make a semi-circle and then fold that semi-circle in half. I finally figured out the trick of gently pinching the inner two layers (once you've folded in quarters) to keep it together and puff out the fold.
--I tried flipping more than one cookie off the cookie sheet onto the cutting board to save time, but the cookies (obviously) cooled much faster on the cutting board, so more cracked. By keeping them on the hot cookie sheet for as long as possible, they stayed more pliable.
--After I folded (and while the next batch was baking), I spread the batter for the next set. The batter melted a bit if the cookie sheet was still hot -- but I just remixed the batter and it came out fine.
--Make 2x as many fortunes as you think you'll need! I ended up with more than 30 cookies, since mine were smaller than the recipe called for.


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