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Those Fortune Cookie Sayings


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Those Fortune Cookie Sayings

Like-Go-Eat? | Feb 25, 2006 05:51 PM

“Behind every able man there is a long line of many able men.”

“You are admired by everyone for your talent and ability”

“Find release from your cares, have a good time”

“Struggle as hard as you can for whatever you believe in”

Anyone have any other great or new fortune cookie sayings? I have had several fortunes come true and that has me looking forward to reading them. The Chinese restaurant in our area with the best fortune cookie sayings is Wang’s. Good food also. Sometimes it is more fun to ad that, “At Night” or “In Bed,” at the end of the saying. Everyone reads theirs aloud and then after the last person reads theirs we pass them to the person to the right who rereads it aloud with the additional ending. Anyone have any other endings?

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