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What foods have you introduced your parents to?


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What foods have you introduced your parents to?

Peg | Oct 6, 2009 07:10 AM

Back when I was young(er) my parents were taking me out for a meal to celebrate a personal achievement and said I could pick anywhere I liked ot eat - so I picked the best curry restaurant in town. My parents had never eaten curry that wasn't out of a packet and cooked with raisins, and thought that Indian restaurants were very low sorts of places. They tried to talk me into dining somewhere 'better' (ie more expensive) but I stuck to my guns. When we got to the restaurant my father made rude comments about the 'low tone' of the place and I cringed in embarrassment, but still insisted we ate there.
Following that meal my parents took to dining at Indian restauants regularly, and my mother purchased several Indian cookbooks and enlarged her cooking repertoire accordingly.

Have you ever introduced your parents to something they had previously not tried?

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