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What Do These Foods Have in Common?

ElsieDee | Apr 19, 2007 11:07 PM

Red Wine (and Balsamic vinegar)
Avocado (but only Hass)
Goat's cheese
Swiss, Gruyere, and Emmental cheeses
Many yogurts
Watermelon and Honeydew melons

I ask because I have an odd reaction to eating them - don't know if it's an allergy (or the beginnings thereof) or something else, but I end-up with very sore tastebuds. You know how sometimes you'll get one inflammed tastebud? Well, when I eat the above-listed foods I end-up with LOTS of inflammed tastebuds - around the edge of my tongue and toward the front (not in the middle or in the back). There's no itchiness, no swelling, no other reaction that I've noticed, just these painful tastebuds (to the point where I'll refrain from eating for a couple of hours while they calm back down).

Is there a common chemical component here? They're all foods that I love but at this point pretty much avoid because of the reaction and I'm just curious about what might be going on.

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