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Whole Foods cheetos


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Whole Foods cheetos

Mrs. Smith | Feb 28, 2003 04:34 PM

I love Cheetos, the crunchy variety (and not "Flamin' Hot" or Chester-whatever, just the original) but haven't eaten them in years. Don't need the fat and calories, orange fingers, and especially the trans-fat.

Well in Whole Foods market I came across a *slightly* more healthful version -- which remarkably has an even better taste than I remember from regular Cheetos.

Here's the good news

Whole Foods Market 365 Every Day Value Cheese Curls

0 trans-fat

made with: corn meal, expeller-pressed high oleic canola oil, cheddar cheese, lactic acid, paprika and oleoresin paprika, citric acid, beta carotene, annatto color, disodium phosphate

130 calories per ounce (Cheetos 160)
6 grams total fat per ounce (Cheetos 10)
1 gram saturated fat (Cheetos 3)
210 mg sodium (290 Cheetos)

Significantly less orange powder stuck to my fingers than with Cheetos.

To eliminate orange-fingeredness, I've occasionally eaten these Cheese Curls with chopsticks.

These 365 curls have a really good, corn and cheese flavor, and very little chemical undertones. I know Melanie has touted the Trader Joe's version -- I'll have to try those out to see how they taste in comparison to these.

I swear this is a much better-tasting product than Cheetos. I never would have guessed they had a slightly-reduced fat and sodium level, until I read the blurb on the back of the bag, (as I was tossing it away, empty :)

"Most cheese curls are fried and have a lot of residual oil. The Whole Foods 365 Cheese Curl uses a special baking process which helps reduce fat. To keep a rich cheese flavor we used aged cheddar cheese as an ingredient."

These are really good -- if you like Cheetos, try these.

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