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Getting food smells out of clothes and such


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Getting food smells out of clothes and such

im_nomad | May 16, 2009 12:58 PM

My laundry room/ bathroom, is off my kitchen, and so is my porch and I don't have a proper fan off my stove or great ventilation here. Sometimes I hang things in the shower to dry, and of course usually have my coats hung up in the porch. Summer's just about here and I'm hanging clothes out on nice days, but i've noticed a few times when i've been cooking with onions or garlic that the smells are definitely making their way into some of my clothes.

Now I love onions and garlic, I just don't want to smell like them, and I don't want to constantly dry clean my coats. Candles don't seem to do much good and products like febreeze or what not, don't remove the smells from the coats.

Is there something better I could be doing to prevent this?

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