Need a food processor. help!


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Need a food processor. help!

lestblight | Oct 11, 2009 04:20 PM

so i picked up a 10 cup no name cause it had,,, a dough blade and some fancy attachments...

i go to use it to puree some ingredients for a sauce.. and ... it didnt do anything.. no puree.. no chop.. well a half assed chop.

so i assume i should have sticked with cuisine art or kitchen aid?

i have not had a food processor before.. so here is what i need,,

i hate the blender to puree... so i want something that can do that.. but,,.,i live in nyc.. and dont have room for a monster.. so id like a smaller one.. but not a tiny one..

i was looking at this... the 4 cup...

anyone used this? or recommend going with a 7 cup?

if so why .. and which one?


ps.. the crap food processor i got was a chefscape.

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