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I would like to tell you about the food at Orinoco (Brookline)


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I would like to tell you about the food at Orinoco (Brookline)

Bob Dobalina | May 9, 2012 05:56 AM

But for the second time in as many visits, we have had ...issues.

First time some months ago, orders got lost + slack service, we assessed, pulled up stakes, went next door to Pomodoro, fine meal. They were very apologetic, wanted to comp the drinks but I insisted on paying. Hey, no biggie - stuff happens.

Last night though, a different flavor - was told 15 minutes for a party of three...seemed optimistic but we sit at the bar, order a round - my Brazilian pisco sour had good flavor, but it was not properly strained, so had little crunchy bits of ice throughout. Again, no biggie, but in light of our last experience, just getting the feeling that something is amiss again...

30 minutes later, a booth has opened up, it's cleared...and we're waiting...

45 minutes now, I ask the bartender, so, um, you know, what's the deal? Are we going to be seated? She frowns, leaves the bar, goes to the back, comes out and informs us that the owner is holding that seat for family... Ok, we bounce. (Fine pizza and salad at Emma's, never an issue there)

As we leave, squeezing through the other folks waiting for a table crammed around the door, there is no "family" in sight...

Normally I would not post this kind of thing - I would just shake the dust off my shoes and not return. Like Mom said, if you don't have something nice to say....

But I feel like this displayed a certain kind of arrogance on the part of the owner and contempt for one's patrons that merits a special mention. First, a complete lack of communication by the guy who took our name (not the bartender), who surely knew what was going on but never had the guts to let us know that his 15 minute estimate was way off the mark, the reason we were not getting seated at the obviously available table, etc.

But more telling, sending your staff to do your dirty work of basically telling off a potential customer, a big Eff You to someone who was willing to wait close to an hour for a seat? Not even the decency to do it yourself? Really? I can only suspect that the same kind of contempt goes into how the food is prepared as well.

I'll be sure never to darken Orinoco's doorstep again.

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