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Food Allergy In Restaurant Experiences [split from L.A. thread]

PrettyPlaty | Jan 7, 200809:51 AM

[Original thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/476897]

Thanks Debbie and Diana. The first go around I was willing to accept it- I understand people make mistakes and I didn't actually put the food in my mouth. Having gotten several meals comped for this very reason (predicated by me going to the restroom to attempt to throw up, shooting myself in the thigh with an epipen, and chugging a few benedryl, and on two occasions actually being taken to the hospital) I'm not sure why restaurants don't seem to be much more careful. It is a very common allergy. The best I've ever seen it handled was at Sona- where prior to ordering, the server actually asked if we had any food allergies that they needed to make the kitchen aware of. If a dish had nuts in it as a substantial player, they actually replaced it with an entirely different dish and didn't make one mistake.

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