Foley-type food mill vs. Roma/Victorio type

Niki20072 | Oct 8, 201405:11 PM     3

I have decided that I need a food mill so now I need to decide which type to get...I have it narrowed down as far as a brand in each different type so that isn't the issue. What I am trying to figure out is whether or not I need to go for the bigger Roma style or just stick to the smaller food mill (Foley). The price difference is not a concern. Mainly I will be using it for applesauce and tomato sauce. Right now I just tend to buy 5 pounds of apples and make that into applesauce but I could do more than that. I'm not really sure how many tomatoes I may process at one time. I wondered if it would be aggravating to pull it out and set it up for 5 pounds of apples or not. On the other hand would a small Foley type mill have to be cleaned out every 5 minutes to get through 5 pounds of apples. Just looking for some thoughts.......I tend to overthink everything and have just about worn myself out with this...lol

I also would like some thoughts on whether or not the additional screens for the larger Roma style would be much use or not....

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