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Flaky Pastry Crust: Butter vs Shortening

Chemicalkinetics | Jan 12, 201005:35 PM

This is really a follows-up from my last post about "Why Chill The Dough?"

The original recipe call for using shortening (Crisco) for fat in the dough. I read other recipes online call for butter, so I tried both. I didn't adjust for the fact that butter has a lot more water in it. I did a straight substitution.

To my surprise, the crust/shells made from Crisco is tighter and crispier, but NOT flakier. The butter one is actually a slightly flakier. As I bite into the butter one, it crumbles and falls apart in thin flakes. I was expecting the shortening one to be flakier because that is I am always told. Is this normal? I wonder if I overbaked, so the Crisco one dried up and the butter one holds up because of the extra moisture.

Ok, now I am onto trying different temperature. The last batch was baked at 325F for 35 min. The up-coming batch are baked at 410F for 10 min. I will update.

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