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New Fish Market In Whitestone Keyfood Supermarket


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New Fish Market In Whitestone Keyfood Supermarket

lwong | Apr 15, 2011 12:51 AM

For those who live in northern Queens and are looking for a Fish market, a seafood market has opened now for several weeks in of all places, a Keyfood Supermarket in Whitestone, Queens. This is the Keyfood Supermarket in the Beechhurst section of Whitestone in the Cross Island Shopping Center at 153-55 Cross Island Parkway, NY 11357-2648, (718) 767-9317.

Most of the fish are quite fresh and surprisingly the prices are very reasonable for the time being.

The fish are displayed on ice in an open display case with a front glass barrier. Yesterday, there were several whole 8 lb Red Snappers on display, including a whole 8 lb grouper. This is not the typical thing one sees displayed at Queens fish markets that are in a supermarket environment, especially a Keyfood.

We bought salmon steaks for $5.99 (not wild at these prices) yesterday, and for Asian readers on this Forum who love Seabass, several weeks ago we bought a 3.5 lb Seabass for $5.99 per lb (a special sale for that day only; regular price is $6.99 per lb). The Seabass looked like it had just come out of the water. The eyes were crystal clear, the skin was shiny and glistening, there was still a greenish tint on the hump, and the gills were shiny red without any hint of a slimy residue. And the final test was the smell test, where all one could smell was a hint of seawater. But the large Seabass are not always available.

There is a broad variety of fresh fish available. There were tuna and swordfish steaks at $7.99 per lb. While the prices are higher than at the Flushing Chinatown fish markets, the fish tend to be fresher here.

Of course, in making purchases at any fresh fish market, the operative mode is “caveat emptor” as one must inspect the fish very carefully. But the store personnel at this new fish market are very cooperative, as when we asked to smell the salmon steaks we had selected, they immediately handed the salmon steaks in the brown wrapping paper to us to smell.

We asked the store personnel when their store gets their seafood deliveries, but they wouldn’t tell us, but only said that fish comes in every single day.

There have been days that we have been at the fish market that some of the fish did not look as fresh, hence one must be on their toes in making purchases.

For those interested, here is the link to the present Keyfood Supermarket sales circular that is working today, where the seafood sales for this week are on page 4: ( )

If the link above does not work, here is the link to the Keyfood Beechhurst location: ( ), where one can click on the “circular” icon for the Beechhurst Keyfood store.

Key Food
153-55 Cross Island Pkwy, Queens, NY 11354

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