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Fino Tapas in Bayside

xtrasharp1 | Nov 18, 2008 12:17 PM

Fino opened on November 14 on Bell Boulevard. I was excited because, yes, there are nice places to eat on Bell but this was something different and the actual venue looked really nice and loungy. I went there on their second day. What a let down. We sat at a great bar type table near the window and perused the menu. The hostess came over and talked a little about the menu. We later came to realize she should probably be in charge. She was the only one with any sense.Cocktails were first. After we put in our order for some "signature" drinks, our server came back to our table to inform us that they were missing ingredients for one of the drinks my friend ordered. She was disappointed but picked another "signature". A surly guy from the bar came by about 10 minutes later and said our server should have told us they didn't have that either or the drink my other friend ordered. We asked him a question about one of the drinks, he walked away and never came back. About 10, 15 minutes later, the server came back and let us know 4 drinks were available including one of the ones they said they didn't have. It was raining and we liked our table so we cut them some slack and stayed. My blood orange mimosa was pretty good. Turns out the missing ingredient for the drink my friend wanted was champagne. Guess they never heard of a liquor store. We eventually ordered a meat and cheese plate that was truly disappointing and pricey. There were three of us and they gave us 4 pieces of bread. The cheeses were parmaggiano, gorgonzola and a brie type cheese the server couldn't name and never came back to tell us what it was. The meats were nice and more in keeping with the tapas theme. How is there not a Spanish cheese on the plate?!?! I get a less international but more enjoyable meat and cheese plate up the block from Press 195 for only 9 bucks! Despite the waiting and the missing ingredients, I think the lack of acknowledgement that they were slacking was the worse part. I didn't expect a free entree but a comped drink, an apology, a couple of things to taste, etc. would have been the right thing to do. The customer service was horrible. Believe it or not, I would like to go back to this place so I'm hoping these are all kinks that need to be worked out and that there'll eventually be some more favorable reviews posted here. Keep me posted...

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